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Before Your Session

1. Check the Program
You are kindly expected to go to the ‘Daily program’ page to check the number and order of the abstracts to be presented, the time allocated to each abstract, and if there are any supplementary abstracts assigned to the session you are chairing.
2. Read the Presentation Guidelines
Please read the ‘Presentation Guidelines’ to avoid any communication gap.
3. Study your Session
Kindly try to have an idea of all the presentations in the session that you are chairing. You can read the submitted abstracts on the ‘Daily program’ page by clicking the abstract number (eg. A-001). Please prepare for meaningful discussions, such as by bringing up questions designed to facilitate discussions in the event that no questions asked (within the allotted time).
4. Arrive Early
If possible, arrive at the meeting room about 15 minutes prior to the start of the session and familiarize yourself with A-V equipment and printed materials. Printed abstracts for your session will be prepared on the session chairs’ desk. If you encounter problems, immediately alert the Staff in your session room.

During Your Session

1. Introductions
Briefly, introduce yourself and welcome the participants to your session. Announce that you shall be chairing the session. Remind and request to the speakers and the audience to adhere to the guidelines. There is no need to explain these guidelines in detail since they are already given to them.
2. Start on Time & Introduce Presenter
A timer-monitor will be provided in each room. Start the session on time and introduce each presenter before each presentation. Alternatively, if you prefer you may introduce them all at the start and let them come to the podium in turn.
3. Allotted Times
The allotted time for the presentation is 12 minutes followed by 3 minutes of brief question & answer session. The total time is 15 minutes maximum for each presentation.
4. Timing Speakers
Speakers must be asked to stop when their allotted time is up in a courteous but firm manner. Keep in mind that the session must end on time, and that the last speaker has just as much right to an audience as does the first speaker.

Any time used by speakers and/or technicians to set up laptops or any other equipment is deducted from the speaker's total time allotment. Time the speaker from the moment he or she comes to the front, not when he or she begins speaking.
5. Absent Speakers
When a speaker fail to appear, please call one of co-authors of the abstracts in order. If none of co-authors are in attendance, please move to the next presentation. At the end of the session, call again for the missed abstract, if time allows.
6. Session Wrap-up
At the end of the whole session, convey acknowledgments on your personal behalf and on behalf of the committee members to the presenters and the audience.
7. Session Problem
If any problems arise that you are unable to handle while continuing to chair the session, please alert the problem to the Staff in your session room.